Monday, August 8, 2011

Blame the heat

I haven't posted since July 3rd.  Seems like it's been longer than that. It's been so freaking hot here in what is now being referred to as "beige country" that if I do throw something together for dinner, I don't feel like taking pictures and posting and reliving the experience.  Most mornings breakfast consists of a smoothie for the three of us.  I make a picture of 'em before I go to work and each of us drinks ours at a different time during the day.  Sure is good when the temp is pushing 100 by noon.


other meals I've cooked have been something quick like fajitas, or a nice green salad is always good when it's hot out.  I guess I've tossed so many salads lately that even The Boy is tired of 'em.  He went to the grocery store with me Saturday and asked that we not have salads this week.  Guess what I bought? Yep, stuff for more salads.  When it's 110+ and the forecast is for more 100+ days you won't find me in the kitchen much. I told him he was welcome to brave the kitchen and learn to cook...yea, he's good with salad....

I did make lettuce wraps one night, which was a nice diversion from a salad but still used some salad ingredients (hence the title).  The smell while cooking was enough to make my dear hubby ask what it was, but once he ate it he told me it tasted MUCH better than it smelled while cooking.  The reason for the stench was the 3 Tbls of fish sauce used during cooking.  I'm not a fish fan but gave it a try and believed my friend Candice, who gave me the hook up to the recipe, that you REALLY can't taste the fish sauce.

with all the smoothies and salads one would think that I've lost a bunch of weight.  Factor in ice cream and lack of exercise because, well, did I mention IT'S HOT?!  I have not lost nor have I gained.  Yea for salads and smoothies.

It may be fall before I blog on here again.....blame the heat!