Monday, March 28, 2011

Chocolate Mint Cookies

Saturday evening The Boy and I made chocolate Andes mint cookies.  I found Andes mint pieces at the local WalMart Neighborhood Market in the baking isle, and we followed the directions on the package except we added 4 Tbls cocoa. These things are AWESOME.

Being the bean counter I can be, I counted how many cookies we made.  My guys are famous for grabbing handfuls of cookies when I make them and I hardly get any of 'em.  This whole cooking under construction thing isn't easy, in that it isn't convenient, (future post) and I don't see myself making many batches of cookies during the process, so I informed the guys that they better learn to ration their portion. 

Yes, I went so far as to make dividers with aluminum foil and assigned a section to each of us. 

Interesting side note.  They aren't taking handfuls of cookies and The Boy even hid the container so no one else that comes over will get into them.  So, on the positive side, they listened to me, on the negative side, there seems to be a stingy ugly demon lurking.

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