Sunday, April 3, 2011

it's kinda like camping

cooking these days is a bit like primitive camping, except I still have a stove and I don't have to deal with the bugs.  I never remember a camping trip where this was threatening to fall in your food though...
yep, that's right above where my stove is still hooked up...
when cutting or cleaning food I don't have much space to work on, I could have the entire counter top if I want to clean it all first, thoroughly. 

I don't really want to go through several dish rags and have to use the Neti Pot just to cook, so I clean a small place and leave the rest of the dirt where it is

and when dinner is ready I take it to the temp kitchen and set it up buffet style.

so, let's see, we have dirt and dangerous looking stuff to deal with, inconvenience, no real table to sit at but we do have a working stove, electricity, and real plates (for now)...yep, it's kinda like camping.

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