Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Thank God for summer!

 If I come home to ladders blocking the sink much more, my guys may think we've turned into rabbits....
 summer time in Oklahoma means it's BBQ time and dear hubby took some time this last Memorial  weekend to fire up the smoker and cook up some chicken breasts, pork loin and a "roll of red" (bologna, for those of you that don't know)...my dear, dear friend texted me Saturday morning with an invite to Cherry Street Saturday Market.  Today I used some of the wonderful mixed lettuce I bought with a bag of regular salad from Reasors, cut up some of the chicken breasts and a tomato and a bit of purple onion, add some Ranch dressing and viola! it no longer matters that I didn't have access to the sink (because I had already washed my veggies before I put 'em up)

my sink is barely hanging on anyway...it's getting closer and closer to time to deal with plumbing issues and to make a decision on a new sink....for now, I'm glad fresh veggies are coming in, that we've had enough rain to lift the burn ban and we are clear to fire up the grill!

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