Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dear Hubby's birthday dinner

these two were such great help for me tonight while I cooked up dear hubby's birthday dinner.

Today was Dear Sweet Hubby's (DSH's) birthday and since 1) the economy sux, 2) we are spending what money we have outside of bills on the kitchen and 3) we're broke (refer to #1) my main gift to him was a home cooked meal of his choice. He chose fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy and corn on the cob. We have already had record breaking heat and we're currently under an extreme heat advisory for the next few days; I'm gonna fry chicken?! You betcha - he deserves it.

I soaked the chicken in the fridge in buttermilk overnight - I have no idea if it made a difference or not but even the white meat was good and looks over cooked but it really wasn't...

 I love fresh corn! This was good and sweet...the 'tators turned out fluffy and creamy...see how the mixer blades left a fluffy mountain? :-)

I draw the line at making home made coconut cream pie.......Tippins pie at Reasors works just fine this year...

I'm reminded why I do this meal once a year....dealing with being under construction added an interesting new dimension to the cooking experience. I'm going to stick my head in the freezer for awhile now......

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