Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter dinner

Usually when I make Easter dinner I go all out.  I do a spiral ham, scalloped potatoes (or twice baked potatoes - depending on my mood), green bean casserole (or baked beans or both), rolls, deviled eggs and dessert is usually something like pineapple upside down cake.  I generally go overboard.

This year, not so much.  Last night dear hubby fired up the smoker before the storms hit and put a brisket on to smoke for about five hours.  When he took it off the internal temp was 140 and by the meat guidelines it was at the desired temp.  It was tough. This morning I got up early and fried up some bacon, chopped up some onion (I would've chopped up bell pepper as well but I failed to get any at the store) and fried thim in the bacon grease.  I open up one big can of pork and beans, added the crumbled bacon, fried onion, squirted in some catsup, mustard, worcestershire sauce and added some brown sugar and viola you have baked beans.  Meanwhile I took the smoked brisket and put it and some apple juice in a pan, covered it with foil and stuck both dishes in the oven at 250.

I then got ready for church.  After church I fried up some okra (Allen's from the freezer section), took the brisket and baked beans out of the oven and what do you know, the brisket is oh so tender and we have ourselves what we'll call this year's Easter dinner.

Dessert? I cut up some strawberries, added some sugar and we'll put the berries on top of a WalMart bakery Angel food cake and call it good.  Happy Easter! It's not about the food anyway!

John 3:16

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