Monday, April 4, 2011

pork butt wraps

yesterday before church I put a pork roast, onion, brown sugar, Dr. Pepper and a can chipotle peppers in adobo sauce in the crock pot (thanks to Life with a BQ) and when I got home I had a nice, spicy pork roast that was ready to shred up.  I warmed up some corn tortillas, put some cilantro, sliced grape tomatoes, sour cream, cheese and the yummy pork on board and we had what my dear hubby called "pork butt wraps".  The Boy and I are HUGE fans, dear hubby not so much.  He liked the meat but wasn't a fan of the "rest of the stuff", meaning he's not a fan of cilantro like that.  He'll eat it in salsa until sweat is dripping off his back, but make it purdy and stuff and he ain't goin for it.  Oh well, next time he can have the meat and The Boy and I will have our "pork butt wraps".  (Also made for some excellent nachos!)

Next up? We're making Canadian Bacon.....

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