Sunday, April 10, 2011


Dear hubby promised me (I think it was a promise, maybe he just said that he'd do it...there is a difference) he'd cover the stove before he did any work in the kitchen.  The deal right now is that he's going to keep the stove hooked up as long as he can, which is handy since there's a burn ban and I don't really want to risk a $500 fine for grilling, and I'll cook.  I went in to start cooking dinner the other night and found this....
I like how he turned the skillet upside down and covered the other one up (kinda) with a lid, I guess the other lid is there to deflect debris into the burner.  For my firemen family out there, that's plaster and insulation all around those burners.  After, digging out the wisk broom and using a bit of elbow grease I was finally able to feel good about preparing a meal...
after all of that, I didn't want to mess the stove top up so I broiled some chicken breasts with some lemon pepper seasoning, made a nice green salad, cut up the chicken, sprinkled some cheese on top and added some vidalia onion dressing (yummy stuff!) and viola! you have a yummy chicken salad and my stove top stayed clean until the next work day in the kitchen.

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